Al Cisneros – Ark Procession/Jericho (2013)

Here we are again. Hope everyone is enjoying autumn turning into winter. I know I am. I’ve been [[boring excuses]] but I’m back now. I was at the wonderful, Dry Hop in Chicago when a friend asked what was up with this blog. I admitted being lazy (the truth). Anyways, I shook the Central Randomizer after a few beers and here we are. Thanks Miles!

The work of Al Cisneros has been featured on my blog before. He is the bassist/vocalist of Sleep. He has, in addition to his work with Sleep or Om, put out work as a solo artist as well through Drag City. I am a fan of all of his work and this selection is no different.

Loose strands of mini-drone and groove in the vein of religion, philosophy. A humbling experience — and a deeply musical one.

That is how Al describes this selection on his bandcamp page, just two tracks on a clear 10″ record. He is not too far off. This is a deep meditative track. His interest in religion is clear, specifically orthodox Christianity, throughout his catalog. As is the case here, the tracks are all instrumental, and definitely have a middle eastern sort of feel feel. The heavy bass groove throughout is great. The layered synth on top sets a deep, meditation-like tone. Both tracks are similar with Jericho being a dub remix of Ark Procession.

I’ll be honest, some pieces in a collection are there because you just LOVE an artist. Om is probably one of my favorite bands and so I just needed to get this. It makes a great selection in a chill or downbeat sort of mix. While I do enjoy it, I wouldn’t make it your first venture into Al’s work. While it is not something I’d put on as often as OM or Sleep it definitely is a piece of music that helps to provide context to both bands. Specifically, Om who just before this released their album Adviatic Songs which definitely has a old-time religious feel to it. Which is something I really enjoy about his work. That all said, I’d love to see a complete album of this type of stuff from Mr. Cisneros. The track(s) alone is great and I’d recommend them for a chill-down/dub mix if you’re into making super specific playlists.

As always, I appreciate you coming through, expect more musings as we go into the new year. Thanks!

Here is the Discogs link for the release:

Here is the Youtube link so you can listen:

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