Nirvana – In Utero (1993)

It’s fucking Friday and what a goddamn record to have to revisit! I had a cassette version of this I played until it fucking broke. If I had to pick the album I’ve mowed the most lawns to, it’d have to be this (maybe Slayer’s Divine Intervention but that may well be another post….fingers crossed!)

I was just old enough to care about Nirvana before Kurt died. I was 11 and in middle school when this album came out. I honestly can’t remember the first time I listened to this record. It’s THAT ingrained in my musical psyche. Every fucking note, every song, just exists in my history and my brain. The video for Heart Shaped Box forever in my ingrained and with it the beginning and end of whatever videos before/after as I was taping it from MTV. I think the Cranberries’ Zombie ends right before the video starts. There is a lost art to timing music videos to record just right. This is a record I’ve loved more over time. The tracks that weren’t radio singles definitely became my favorite. The release of Unplugged in NY had me revisiting tracks on here as well. This was one of the first records I LOVED. This record was fucking mine.

This was the album where they wanted to avoid the polish of Nevermind, they wanted to go back to what they felt were their roots. You can feel it as you listen through. You can feel that throughout and there isn’t one bad track on here. Front to back this album is just perfect. The right mix of calm, collected, crazy, fucking heavy and that sort of 90s nihilism that’s been played out but when this record happened, man, that shit was just right. I’m glad they gave us this record before Kurt’s death and their demise. It’s just perfect.

I can’t pick just a few tracks here, the entire record just feels fucking right. This is probably my favorite Nirvana record. The selection of tunes is just so great. Milk it into Pennyroyal Tea is one of my favorites. The frenetic buzz of Milk It into the slow soft opening of Pennyroyal Tea before it cranks into its dripping-with-fuzz oh so singable chorus is just one example of the many moods of this record. At the end, it closes with All Apologies which for me is just perfect. Here you have a frantic record meant to try to shake off some of the pop shine they got on the last record and the closing song is Kurt quietly apologizing.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend it…also though…where the fuck have you been? If you haven’t listened to this album front to back at some point in life, you’re truly missing out. You get every angle of this band and it’s just so fucking good, every second of it. It’s hard in 2017 to not pick up Nevermind, a greatest hits comp or just play “Nirvana Radio” on whatever streaming service you use. If you’re someone who’s “heard some songs” go home, put this on from start to finish and experience one of the best albums to come out of the 90s. I hope you like it as much as I do.

I hope you enjoyed our time together here, I’m trying for a Monday/Wednesday/Friday sort of release thing here so if you’re into it, please continue to stop buy and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Here is a YouTube link to just one of my favorites off this record:

Here is a link to the Discogs release:






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