The Body/Sandworm Split – 2014

Starting out with a cacophonous jazz beat on a cymbal blast then devolving into a soft piano number with moans and quiet samples, I know by now nothing The Body has their name on sounds quite like what came before. As I think this and type that out, I get blasted by the signature heavy riffs and drums I’ve known to appreciate. This time with samples of vocals I can’t make out. In come Chip’s tortured vocals. Their more recent experimentation with electronic music have made their sound even more interesting.

Goddamn, I’ve loved this band since I saw em first in Providence with another friend’s band, All Those Opposed. So heavy, angry and…..nice. Chip and Lee are two of the nicest dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  I make it a point to look for anything of theirs I don’t own whenever I make it into a record store.

The first track/side of this split is a 16+ minute voyage into what makes me love The Body. It’s titled The Manic Fire. The gut screaming, the heavy riffs, the electronic sampling/delay/repeating, the wave of sound literally crashing around you. It’s a lot to take. Even being a big fan, I sometimes need to be in the right mood for it. It’s probably one of my favorite tracks of theirs not on an official release.

Side two features 10 selections from Sandworm, also from Providence. The duo bring a sort of stripped down black metal to the mix. The songs are short and heavy. Perfect. This half the record is a collection of tunes you’d want playing full blast while you ride your bike or skateboard through the city. Fast, heavy and stripped down tunes. Almost like a punk influenced take on black metal. Definitely a stark contrast to the behemoth 16 minute first side. Both sides and bands come together to show an awesome display of different perspectives on what “heavy” and “angry” are supposed to sound like. I definitely recommend this if you haven’t heard it yet. A great split from front to back. Thanks for coming through and I’m looking forward to next time.

Here is a YouTube link to just one of my favorites off this record:

Here is a link to the Discogs release:

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